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Do You Need to Gain the Upper Hand over Your Competitors? Investigate Video Marketing

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

Are you looking out for a new way to attract more targeted visitors to your website?

Or perhaps you get a lot of visitors who pass through without making a purchase.

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then video marketing could be the thing that turns things around for you. It’s definitely time for your marketing to change from depending just on written content, because the Internet is changing at the speed of light and becoming “video-ized” in a way you need to be a part of. Lots of people start their day by logging online to find new information, but instead of reading, they’re now watching. These users tend to shy away from written media and prefer to gather their information visually instead of from traditional printed media. Video marketing has met this challenge using the powerful new format. Today, videos are all over the media – including sales letters, websites, newsletters, landing pages and more. All of this shows you clearly how important the benefits of video marketing are. We are here to discuss some of the true advantages of video marketing and what it can do to help your online business.

The first thing to discuss is when you decide to use video marketing, you will be able to target an audience who is more interested in viewing than reading. As it allows your information to interact with individuals who appreciate learning via videos, this can be a huge selling point. Video sharing has become so popular that even gets more traffic each day than, the top search engine tool on the Internet. Do you need more proof that more people are watching and using online videos to get information on products and services online? Marketers who produce entertaining and informative video material are able to cash in on this popular method of online advertising. In addition to, there are other video sharing websites and marketing opportunities that you can use to get the word out to this market. This is in a way capturing video traffic from these big websites which are already high ranking. These portals were designed to move traffic, so you should do everything you can do to get a piece of it. After you have gained some experience in creating video campaigns and can put out fresh videos on a regular basis, you can start targeting video subscribers to join and get updates when you add new content. and other sharing sites offer the opportunity for you to create your own “video channel” to help you increase your popularity and daily traffic.

Another terrific benefit of creating a video, from the point of view of the SEO’s, is with videos you will avoid that dreaded duplicate content filter. The major headache with writing is that one must continue to generate fresh material at regular intervals in order to build up your business and to make sure that you are getting repeat “hits” at your internet site. Because search engines will index videos differently, so when you create a video rather than writing an article you resolve the problem of “duplicate content.” Put another way, you are not likely to get into hot water with Google for repeating yourself. This is a major relief for online marketers who are trying to come up with adequate content who only wind up being confronted with this filter. However, with videos you’ll be able to kiss this problem goodbye forever. Video marketing is just the latest high-tech way to communicate promotions to your target audience base in order to improve marketing results and ultimately, sales. The reasons behind using video marketing as a part of your advertising campaign are very numerous, but even if you just focus on the reasons that we’ve highlighted in this article, you will see the obvious results. There’s a thousand ways you can use web video marketing to help the growth of your affiliate marketing business.