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How To Get More Traffic To Your Website

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

Obviously, the online marketers website or blog is the mothership of the business. It is where you convince site visitors to become buyers. You understand the importance of having a website that converts well. Yet… your blog or website will only be one aspect in your IM business. You’ll also need to get some traffic to that site. If nobody knows your website exists, how will they know that you have great stuff to sell them?

It’s best to avoid submitting your site to Google using their submission form, but it’s fine to do that with the smaller search engines which is a good idea for different reasons. The reason for this is that it can take much longer than necessary, and you can get at least your home page indexed in Google very quickly using social media methods. It won’t take very long to submit to several dozen secondary engines. The reason for doing this is the major search engines will view those backlinks, which they’ll be, as a sign of more popularity, plus you’ll get added traffic from them. You may or may not know that it’s possible to get backlinks in many ways, also – some count more than others in terms of backlink “weight.” This will help you with Google because your backlinks will appear to be more natural, and they do take that into some consideration.

Be sure to keep an eye on your site’s links and that they’re working. It’s hard to go from one place to another if the links are broken. Visitors can get a negative impression when they encounter broken links, and they may leave and never return. Broken links of course will stop the engine spiders from crawling your site and possibly new content.

Take advantage of Meta tags in your site’s HTML code. If you have a blog, you can download an SEO plugin that will make it easier to use Meta tags. It’s good on-page SEO factors if you use the page title and description Meta tags.

Also, if there are discrepancies between your Meta tag information and your page content, it will only cause confusion, improper ranking, and you’ll also waste a lot of time. It isn’t hard to use meta tags and the benefits of giving them attention will pay off in the end.

We don’t know… but maybe you have the idea that you can avoid a lot of effort to make money on the net. Of course you’ll have to do some work with this because it’s really just like any other business. So the right techniques and some solid effort will produce traffic to your sites and blogs. Be creative and enjoy the spoils of your efforts!

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